From the very beginning -- the accident -- we take care of your auto through offering towing and car rental.

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From the very beginning — the accident — we take care of your auto through offering towing and car rental.

Depending on the damage, we may work to repair the body, the frame, wheels, the mechanics under the hood, as well as the final aesthetics including paint and color matching, paintless dent removal and fine detailing. Every case is unique and we strive to return your vehicle to pre-accident condition and safety.

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Our expert technicians will thoroughly assess the damage and then coordinate a strategy of precise repair.

Auto body work at Strathmore Auto Body involves collision repair, mechanical repair, frame and Unibody straightening/repair, computerized tire mounting and balancing, wheel alignment and more. We service domestic and foreign models of cars, trucks, SUVs — and classics too. Our staff can perform complex structural, mechanical body and refinishing work that meets industry repair quality standards.

We also feature Paintless Dent Removal

Full Service Mechanical Repair

Collisions often damage much more than the body and frame of your vehicle. The carburetor, hoses, battery, and even engine can sustain damage from impact. When you bring your vehicle to us, we can repair and install all the elements necessary to ensure a safe, smooth ride.

When it comes to aesthetics of your vehicle, color precision is imperative.

Our experts work in a heated, pressurized, computer-controlled down-draft spray booth with color-corrective lighting. We are an authorized Standox Refinishing Center, and we use VOC-compliant paints to meet or exceed Federal regulations. Your paint finish is also backed by a lifetime warranty.

Your car’s frame is like the human body’s skeleton; it is the foundation, and when broken or fractured will impair ability to sustain movement. And on the road, this can be very dangerous.

You cannot see any frame damage, but our experts know to diagnose what repair it may need. This is why we use the Shark Computerized Measuring System. Using computerized, ultrasound technology, Shark identifies and verifies the vehicle structure before the repair, monitors during the repair and documents after the repair. Precise to Factory Specifications.

24 Hour Emergency Towing

Your vehicle has been badly hurt and you cannot drive it, as it is inoperable. We will swiftly provide immediate towing from the accident site to our state-of-the-art facility. We realize that accidents can happen at any time of day or night and in any type of weather conditions. We will be there, and we can also take you with us so that you may be picked up in a safe location

We also provide services in the following areas: Auto Detailing, Car Rental and Paintless Dent Removal

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