Our equipment is the best the market has to offer...

State of the Art Auto Body Equipment

Our equipment is the best the market has to offer, meaning, it is the most reliable, most efficient and allows our technicians to do their best quality work.

When new technology comes online, we don't rush to get it just to say we have it, we ensure that it is up to our long-term standards. Only the best will do for us because only the best will do for you.


Our Featured Equipment

  • Estimating - CCC Pathways & ADP Shoplink for Windows Estimating & Photo Digital Imaging.
  • Paint Booth - Pivab Down-Draft with heat recovery. (Sweden)
  • Paint Line - Standox Mixing System. Lifetime Warranty. VOC Compliant.
  • Frame Repair - BlackHawk World Rack. & CHIEF Impulse Frame Machine
  • Measuring - 2 Shark Computerized Measuring System. and TOUCH 3D Measuring
  • Welding - Lincoln SP-150 MIG, Multi Spot Welder & Plazma Cutter.
  • Lifts - (1) Rotary Above Ground (3) Half-rise lifts
  • Wheel Alignment - John Beane 3D Visualliner Computerized 4 Wheel Alignment
  • A/C Equipment - Snap-On 134A Recycling / Recharging Station
  • Recycling - Sidewinder Thinner Recycler.
  • Dust Collection - Dust Gone Twin Vacuum System
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